Vienna, Austria


How not to travel Vienna

GO Vienna? Ya – Vienna was a very different beast to Prague both in terms of expense and sophistication. The capital of Austria was awesome for the sights and had plenty of epic architecture and fantastic places to eat but it was also the scene of some severe personal fuckwittery: A good friend of mine whaled me in the face mid-sentence with no warning, i managed to get into a scuff outside a hostel on my way home, and i cracked my bloody phone a mere week after the laptop. Nooooo, haha.

Best bits: The electric scooters, the architecture in the city center, seeing the sights with my cousin and drinking with my buddies.

More pictures:

Where stay(?): I stayed with family for most of my stay in Vienna but i can recommend the Naschmarkt Wombat hostel (9/10 Hostelworld) which some of my friends stayed at. It’s 26 euros for a spot in an 8-bed dorm though so you’ll definitely feel the price increase.

Where work(?): Loads of decent places to sit down and get on with some work. Google is your friend here I’m afraid as i did most of my work at my families place.

Good for work(?): Ya. Not much personal progress in Vienna though really, picked up a new client to pad out the work schedule for the next few weeks which has been positive news and did some work on plans for the latest ecom venture. Originally this was due to start picking up momentum in Budapest but work didn’t really get cracking until Spain.

What do(?): Check out the museum, cathedral + all the statues, rent the electric scooters and check out all the nice places to eat and drink, few of which i did and none of which i snapped. (Whoops)

Cock up count: (4) Phone screen cracked, got into a scuff, failed to book the hostel in advance so had to find a new one at ridiculous o’clock and exploration was pretty minimal.

Learn from me

  • Don’t take your phone out the case you bought to stop it breaking (…)
  • Hostels in Vienna are kinda expensive vs Prague and Budapest.
  • Book your hostel in advance with or the hostelworld app but only for a day or two at first to feel them out – then extend directly with the hostel at a cheaper price (usually) or switch hostels and try something different.
  • Don’t be ‘drunk’ and alone, it leaves you open to goons.

Vienna story

Don’t be drunk alone, dumbass – I managed to get into a bit of a scuff outside a hostel waiting for a ride home and had my phone slapped out my hand / mini fight kick off. I THINK this started because i said something in English which the ‘lads’ didn’t like but Vienna is typically a very safe place (racism certainly not being a common theme) and i accept that a drunk Seb is not always a smart Seb.

Ce la vie – i think we’ll chalk it up to a deep jealousy of my earth-shattering facial hair. At least my laptop and phone screens match now, ahah!

Some pics: #1 Beard progress and #2 a nice snap of the Ephesos Museum. (Look how tiny the dude is in the gate for context)

Some groovy tunes:

Mike Darole – Hello (

Shake well – Terminal sex  (Hip-hop / EDM) (

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