The UK tour begins

Back on the road at last ladies and gents. Such hype. Much excite. If you’re insane enough to want to follow me on a daily basis, then do sign up to my Instagram for music, updates and pics/stories of my life on the road day to day.

I had a really fortunate start to the trip and took on some new clients for my digital marketing biz literally the day before I left which has certainly helped the financials.

Fortunate because I hustled my ass off to get clients by the way and this is not easy in digital marketing these days. There’s a huge amount of competition internationally and you’re (obviously) competing with the whole world if you’re working online. You need references, experience and to play the numbers game signing up for all the major freelance platforms/networking/LinkedIn outreach etc. Don’t give up, more failures = more lessons.

So since I left on Thursday things have only just got going and not much to report so far on the travel front. That said, i thought I’d kick start with an overview of the awesome way I’ve found to travel rent free.

So, ya – the foundation of of my journey across the Uk is house sitting for various people I met via


This is a great site for so many reasons. You get to stay in nice family homes instead of hostel, you get privacy, it’s clean, there are wonderful animals to play with… plus from a more clinical work perspective, it means an area where I can get peace and quiet to focus on biz without a different party every night as a background temptation. In fact this particular site is international and there’s a lot of available houses in Australia, New Zealand and the US which are all on my hotlist after I leave the Uk in September.

Obviously the site is a based off peer review (and more importantly trust) so if you do go down this route make sure you treat each home and animal with the utmost respect and be honest about your experience to any host. These are people’s homes and lives, don’t fuck about.

Anyway, basic human decency aside: This means travelling rent free all summer and staying in some lovely homes in return for minding some pets. As both an animal lover and a remote worker this made a lot of sense and I hopped on the opportunity.

It costs £89 for one year of membership and is absolutely worth the cost. That’s what, three nights stay in a hostel or two nights minimum in most air bnbs and for me has meant being fully booked pretty much all summer bar a few breaks I’ve deliberately left for myself for a bit of freedom and travel in the areas I couldn’t get sits – namely Scotland and Ireland.

Through the app I’ll be staying in the Cotswolds, Cardiff and many other locations up and down the Uk.

Currently minding this wonderful pup for 9 days near Portsmouth.

On another less relevant note:

I haven’t really spoken about my music too much in the blog so far but I’ve had a passion for writing since I was in my early teens.

I’m going to be putting out a bit of acoustic and rap music over the next few weeks. I’ve got so much (partially) written material it seems silly not to do something with it.

As to why: There’s an element of ‘oh shit you’re 3 years from 30 bro’ to this TBH. 😅 So, will be putting pride, fear and artistic integrity all asside in a push to ensure I don’t look back and regret never having tried. 😁

Here’s a hastily thrown together sample of things to come:

So ya, short and sweet. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Cock up count: 0 🤯

Banger of the week:

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